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TrackHat Clip Head tracking kit

Jetkar View Profile View Posts. Track IR used it for years. Originally posted by Jetkar :. I adore my rift even if it limits my range. Sharky View Profile View Posts. I use edtracker with the opentrack software for DCS and I am happy with it. Its only "3dof" but you can set and bind the rest 3 axis also with opentrack to get a pseudo 6dof and I find it nice. Its cheap ,its lightweight ,you don't have to put anything on your screen and its easy to use.

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I have owned both, and the TrackIR clip is very flimsy and easy to break as mine did. The company was unsympathetic to say the least. Remember if you go VR that the visuals are much degraded at the moment, and you generally need a pig of a system to run it WELL.

You also need to have a good HOTAS to avoid using the keyboard completely you should have that anyways actually. Also would make my Cougar MFDs useless Last edited by Randy Lahey ; 23 Apr, am. Originally posted by George Costanza :. I wont go back to flat screen simming. Yah, when they work the bugs out of VR and improve performance, I can see myself jumping in.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Showing 1 - 15 of 29 comments.

Works perfectly. Can you save it for a while and see if it grows? Check ebay and craigslist? I just think trackir is a superior product in a very niche market, and it's been my experience that you get what you pay for. Originally posted by ZeroReady :.

trackhat dcs

Originally posted by it4yyy :. Good luck! Last edited by FineVisionz ; 15 Jun, am. Originally posted by FineVisionz :. Just be sure and check out some users' reviews on the TrackHat and DCS which you probably already have and maybe watch some YouTube comparisons of the software. Seems like it should be just fine. Originally posted by Freakshow. Check this link out buddy Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 15 Jun, am.

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trackhat dcs

We suggest you contact these sites for a refund. User Name. Remember Me?

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Dear users! I have trackhat working but when I am in the A10C for example, nothing happens. Pulling my hair out. Can someone who uses trackhat and opentrack please tell me what their settings are in the DCS options menu? What protocol are you using for Trackhat?

I am using "freetrack 2. Same one. I've tried the older version and newer version of Opentrack and also Facetracknoir. Do you know what software can i use with a track ir 2? I have freetrack 2. I reset the TrackIR to its defaults. I'm not sure what should be where on this menu. I give up. Two days of fighting this, reading for hours and nothing works.

What version of DCS are you running? I'm still with 1. They must have added them in more recent versions. Originally Posted by Turnip. You need put the headtracker. Thanks for the help folks. Tons of frustration to say the least.

I contacted trackhat and they had me completely reinstall the software and now it works somewhat. I am now fighting with adjustments.

When I turn my head, the view jumps around all over the place. I can only get about degrees of movement before it goes ballistic. Not sure which option to adjust with this so still fighting it. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Send a private message to Turnip. Find More Posts by Turnip.If you need assistance, please use the support button on the right to open up a ticket with our support system!

What is the status of my order? If you check the order on your PayPal page, 'order processed' means it has been dispatched to you! Yes, they are both compatible with all models of the TrackIR sensor!

Is my favourite game compatible with the TrackHat opentrack software? Here is a full list of all games that the software is compatible with. Yes, but you must remove the Infrared filter from the device. You also have a high risk of breaking the unit.

Please use the support button at the bottom of this page to start a new support ticket! Why did I only receive an order confirmation from PayPal, and not Trackhat? We hate email spam, and the confirmation from PayPal is also confirmation of your order at TrackHat!

TrackHat opentrack is not detecting the points! No problem! Open TrackHat opentrack, start head tracking and open the options. Go to the camera tab, select automatic exposure, and the move the theshold slider until all points are detected. When I look left, my head goes right! How do I reverse a view? Open the options in TrackHat opentrack, then go to the output tab. Then, tick the 'Invert' box next to the axis that you need changed!

Welcome to the TrackHat support page! Qs What is the status of my order? Video: How to set up TrackHat opentrack.Version 1. Joystick and controller Keybinding.

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Cleaner, improved UI. Reduced CPU usage. Auto Threshold improved. Having compatibility issues with the new version? You can download the previous version below.

trackhat dcs

Trackhat opentrack. Custom made head tracking software, tailor made for the Trackhat and Trackhat clip, with our head tracking camera. Based on the massively popular, and ever succesful open source and free head tracking software, opentrack, our software has been made by the lead designer of the opentrack team, who has carefully crafted the perfect user experience to match your Trackhat, or Trackhat Clip.

With an easy to use setup, minimalist user interface, and frequently updated software, this really is the first true alternative to TrackIR. Custom mapping and profiles means you can craft your user experience to match your gameplay style. No complicated user setup, no numbers to punch in, just run through the setup and you are good to go.

Compared to the usual distribution of opentrack, our version has had all the non-essentiual user options removed, so its as simple as pressing start, and stop! Download Version 1. Download version 1.Any DCS World keys purchased from other sources are invalid and are simply trying to re-sell keys that are bound to other users or purchased through fraud. If you purchase DCS World keys from these sites, we cannot help you. We suggest you contact these sites for a refund.

User Name. Remember Me? Dear users! TrackHat opentrack profile? Please anyone share his TrackHat opentrack profile. Would help a lot if i could get examples like you set up your profile. If you want a tutorial on how to set up your own profile, check out this video. It's for TrackIR but all the same principles apply with any type of headtracking system as far as adjusting curves, smoothing, etc. Just ignore all the fancy TrackIR 3D view stuff I actually prefer opentrack's software as you can set as many points on a curve as you want vs.

TIR where you're limited to 5 It really helps to have DCS open in window so you can easily see how your curves translate in-sim and quickly switch back and forth between DCS and your tracking software.

Getting the "perfect feeling" takes a long time, I'm always making little adjustments to my profiles.

A You will also get more accustomed to making fine head movements as you use it more, so then you might want to make it more sensitive or lessen deadzones. It's time consuming, but a good profile makes all the difference.

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Posting Rules. All times are GMT. The time now is AM.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. So just wanted to get some input of you guys before I got out and buy on? Last edited by MiniMech ; 1 May, am. Showing 1 - 13 of 13 comments. I have been using the clip on and the pro and the former is more reliable, stable and has no annoying wire that so easily get twisted up.

I can highly recommend some sort of tracking, you won't be able to play without it after a while. I've been gushing about the great performance of the Trackhat on these forums for some time now. I really don't understand why people pay for the TrackIR anymore, other than they feel safer with the name brand.

Took about a week to get to me central-Canadaand it worked flawlessly out of the box.

TrackHat Review - Affordable Head tracking - Better Than TrackIR?

I have the wired version because I don't like the idea of something wireless so close to my brain! Still works great.

If you have a PS3 camera you can save a little cash and try to remove the IR filter yourself, but I tried that and gave up. It's not as easy to pry that thing out as it looks on videos. Think of it this way, you can buy 4 Trackhats and have 3 spares for the same price as TrackIR. No brainer for me. And yes, I can't play without it now. Frees up a HAT on my joystick too. Last edited by Randy Lahey ; 1 May, pm.

Originally posted by George Costanza :. I didn't know all of that, but I think for the extreme cost difference and performance, it's worth the risk. Xoho View Profile View Posts.

trackhat dcs

Honestly the trackir 5 pro clip was worth it for me. I don't want to wear a hat every time I play and once I properly configured my settings I've had 0 issues with disconnections or losing track.

I also sit next to a rather large window so the trackir hat clip wouldn't end well.

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All I did was take a couple small bands and bind the pro clip wire to my headset wire so they don't become tangled. It weighs practically nothing so I don't mind leaving it on. I did have a rather small issue where I accidentally dropped something on it, and the casing became slightly separated so light was bleeding through, 2 minutes with a bit of electrical tape and all was well again. Don't even notice the tape unless I look closely.

My reasons for going with TIR 5 rather than a cheaper alternative was reliability and accuracy. I heard that the other methods had more issues with that, and even if they were rather small, every small issue can add up into a large bundle of issues that means you spend all your time troubleshooting instead of playing. My TIR5 is also covered under a 4 year warranty if I remember correctly, so if something happens I can just get it replaced.

Here's a video demonstrating my settings, when it looks at a random angle it's because I was getting a drink, not because it lost connection. My settings also were being tweaked quite a bit at the time of recording since I upgraded my PC and forgot to save my settings for TIR so it's not quite as smooth as it normally is, typically I remove all deadzones so it's smooth to track from left to right. Last edited by Xoho ; 2 May, pm. I've had both TrackIR and Trackhat, and I don't detect any differences other than cost and build quality.

The Trackhat wins in both.


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