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rapid fire macro

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Splosions View Profile View Posts. There will be a tiny tooltip showing that the macro is active This script is far from "perfect". It does what I need it to do, and it works well enough for me that I never cared to refine it further. It is written in autohotkey AHK While rapid fire is active : Left mouse button will rapid fire while held down, useful for crafting in bulk or eating a whole stack of berries. Yes Rapid Fire must be active for this hotkey combo to work, told you the script isn't perfect.

You can toggle off rapid fire once you start moving though. Last edited by Splosions ; 29 Jun, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 57 comments.

Sperber View Profile View Posts. Great stuff, thank you for sharing! Blaank View Profile View Posts. Thank you. Suggestion for this. Have intereact and left click toggle on and off during rapid fire mode. Also put some code comments on where the input keys are and how we should change them if we aren't using default controls.

Originally posted by Blaank :.Home Help Search Login Register. Has anyone managed to get this mouse to rapid fire?

rapid fire macro

The button to the left of the left mouse button would be perfect for activating rapidfire. Having glanced at the logitech gaming software, options for mouse button macro and customisation is greatly reduced when using the on board memory option.

Wondered if any of you using this mouse has a work around? You can't set rapid fire macros using the On Board Memory profiles from your mouse. But, if you use the computer profiles you can set rapid fire.

But your computer profiles won't work with your XIM so you have to use the onboard profile. No problem, I bound scroll wheel to my secondary bindings and put it to fire. Since I have a free spinning scroll wheel I can just flick my wheel with my finger and it'll rapid fire for me. I used to do that wheel spin fire with the g i got a lot of hate messages for it. I never got any hate for the limited time i used a rapid fire macro with that mouse. The wheel spin can get you in trouble when it goes off by accident Very bad move in hardcore and if you have stab and weapon switch on the wheel its going to cause havoc.

If I can make a Good map in 1 month why cant these clowns make a good map in 3 years?

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That mouse sesnor isn't very good Dave R. The G is god like. T1 and Xim4 play friendly as of the latest firmware releases for both. CronusMax is a hacked Titan One. The tools at CronusMax will take some time to crack the T1 firmware and update their own to make the Xim4 work again without crashing.

Don't buy CronusMax. It's bad, m'kay. Follow Twitter for live stream alerts. SMF 2.Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Edited by nimda, 06 August - PM. Removed broken color from the code boxes.

The definitive autofire thread!

Populate the AutoHotkey city. Pointless but somewhat fun. Moderator since mid Back to top nimda Members posts Last active: Aug 09 AM Joined: 26 Dec tidbitdo you think I should use a ternary operator for that?

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Readability vs conciseness Edit: I added it in ternary but cannot test right now. Please notify me if it's wrong! I also plan on having a cycle which runs continuously while held down. Might not code that for a few days due to lack of testing unless someone "donates" it.

Create a Macro Controller from Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo gamepads

Marine Corps Gen. And if you look at their behavior, it's nothing short of alarming. Thanks Nimda. I got one. I see this a lot on the help forum. People want to spam 'skills'.This program is great and all but I'm not here to learn how to make thousands of Macro for thousands of use I ended up here because all I want is to make some of my keyboard keys "autofire". I just want, for example, the A button to do it repeatedly and rapidly its for gaming as long as I hold it down, as if I pressed it extremely fast auto fire.

I have absolutely no idea how this thing works and looking at the tutorials and all just makes me think It'll take me weeks to get this done. Does anyone know how to do such a command? I figured it shouldn't be THAT hard if you know how that program works. I would "love" any help here. YOu'd have to have a way to stop it though, unless you just use the MacExp global hotkey to abort.

Quesiton: Why not just hold down the 'a' button, like this? The point is to make something that works in a game. I'm sure you met game where you need to remove pressure off a key and press it again for it do do "whatever" action. This mean you HAVE to press the key over and over to do it you can't just hold it, its not like text.

This is the point of what I'm trying to do. It needs to be literally like a turbo key, having to shut it down manually would make it overcomplicated for gaming purpose. I guess the basic of what you posted wold works, just need a way to stop it when you don't press the key anymore.

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I'll try and see but I don't think I will figure it out alone. But thanks for your post. Choose a key that's easy to press with one hand like 'Alt-A' It must be a key combination that doesn't conflict with other game controls.

This means "until T1 does not equal T1.

Cc1310 launchpad tutorial

This is basically it. Open and click in Notepad and try out the macro. Good luck. Let us know how it works! Is it absolutely impossible to do it so it stops automatically when not pressing the key anymore? I really, really appreciate the help but that specific part is a "must" for it to be of any use to me. Well, the worse is I tried if this worked in my game and it just doesn't and I did everything well. It just doesn't detect any input in game.

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The macro does active but nothing happens here although if I leave it to run globally it will work on, say, notepad. Dang it!By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. When writing lua scripts for my logitech g, I've gotten rapid fire to work, but it will continue to execute mouse presses after the mouse one button is released as long as the ctrl key is held. I am wondering if there is any kind of iteration that would allow me to signal a function that presses and releases the mouse but under the conditional that the same mouse button is pressed.

For example, ctrl must be held and rapid fire only executes when mouse button 1 is held down, as opposed to until ctrl is released. Alternatives I have considered: binding fire to another key that isn't mouse button 1, and having it repeated when mouse button one is pressed.

The only way to resolve this problem is as you have suggested to bind fire to additional key. For example, in the game config you assign both left mouse button and keyboard key combination Ctrl P to "Fire".

Please note that P without a modifier must be NOT assigned to any action in the game. And your script would be the following:. Learn more. Rapid fire with logitech lua script? Ask Question. Asked 9 months ago. Active 9 months ago. Viewed 4k times. Thanks in advance. Ozzie Martin Ozzie Martin 7 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. Egor Skriptunoff Egor Skriptunoff Thanks for the solution!! It works as anticipated except for the game isn't recognizing the 'p' strokes as weapon fire.

It will however recognize the keystrokes in game chat. I wonder if this is what you meant by p without a modifier, could you please explain more in depth what that means?

P without modifier is simply key P without Ctrl,Alt,Shift. Fire should be assigned to both Ctrl-P and MB1 in the game.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Because that is called cheating, not skill. And you are also an A hole for using it. Also you will get banned. Everyone with a no-recoil rapid fire cheat is reported.

【Tutorial】Rapid-Fire (Automatic) - Logitech

Make no mistake the more reports on your record the closer to getting banned you will be. Innocent or not. They go by of reports. Right now it all depends on how often you abuse the system. So it does not mean they will all get banned on the next wave.

The devs do have a limit on how many accounts get banned with each wave as they don't want empty servers either.

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It's bad for business. Last edited by Swift-Shadow ; 29 Apr, pm. Showing 1 - 15 of 52 comments. Freekurapica22 View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Camper Strike :. I use them but only on the m16 Originally posted by meh :. Originally posted by CaptnCrack :. Originally posted by blablabla :. Last edited by MonkehMaster ; 29 Apr, pm.This macro will cast Auto Shot and Steady Shot in alternating order and activates Kill Command when it's not on cooldown.

This macro will cast Aimed Shot if you are out of combat and a rotation of Arcane Shot when not on cooldown and Steady Shot. This macro will cast Misdirection to focus target when it's friendly, to selected friendly target or to pet when it's alive.

rapid fire macro

Rapid Fire, Berserking and Aimed Shot. This macro will cast Serpent Sting or Viper Sting when used in conjunctiong with the shift key, Scorpid Sting when used in conjunction with the control key and Tranquilizing Shot when used in conjunction with the alt key. This macro will cast Volley or Flare when used in conjunctiong with the shift, control or alt key. Concussive Shot then Steady Shot. Raptor Strike then Wing Clip.

rapid fire macro

This macro will cast Explosive Trap when right-clicked, Frost Trap when used in conjunction with the shift key, Snake Trap when used in conjunction with the control key, Freezing Trap when used in conjunction with the alt key or Immolation Trap.

This macro will cast Aspect of the Hawk when right-clicked, Aspect of the Pack when used in conjunction with the shift key, Aspect of the Cheetah when used in conjunction with the control key, Aspect of the Wild when used in conjunction with the alt key or Aspect of the Monkey.


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